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Exclusively at Big Eddy Lodge: Aski Holistic Adventures


Aski Holistic Adventures is owned and operated by Michela Carrière. It was created in 2018 and is based out of Big Eddy Lodge. Michela Carrière facilitates and leads ecotherapy retreats. She shares her knowledge of Cree culture, medicinal plants, and ecotherapy in seasonal retreats that encourages the land as therapy.

Juniper shrub
River tour
Wild cranberries
Nature therapy
nature hike
Canoe trip
Snow shoe expidition

What is included in your Aski Holistic Adventure


Ecotherapy has been called "transformational." We live in an urban, technological world that gives us few opportunities to slow down and create memories, not appointments. Ecotherapy has restorative powers, improving mood and easing anxiety, stress, and depression. Ecotherapy involves reconnecting with nature, thus preventing nature deficit disorder. At Aski Holistic Adventures I offer extended retreats in nature, assisting you to reconnect your senses to the land, the water, and the air.



At Aski Holistic Adventures I host authentic tipi wilderness campouts. Imagine sleeping next to a crackling fire, under the stars, surrounded by the murmurs of the natural world...


In Spring, Summer, and Fall, we travel in our 25 ft voyageur canoe. As an experienced canoe guide, I will teach you the basics and safety of canoe travel. We will travel the rivers and lakes of the Saskatchewan River Delta, the largest inland delta in north american home to thousands of species of birds, plants and animals. We may choose to have a camp out on an island and cook over an open fire!


The knowledge of plants and the natural world are critical components of ASKI HOLISTIC ADVENTURES. I am a herbalist and have spent my whole life living off the land. I will share my knowledge of the local plans, their stories, and uses. As part of the nature walks, it is hoped participants will create their own personal balanced lifestyle.

Contact Michela Carriere for your next Aski Holistic Adventure or land-based workshop


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